Week1Reflections-Language Teaching in Reading and Writing Returning to Natural Society

Language Teaching in Reading and Writing Returning to Natural Society

  1. The function of task-based meaningful reading

Task-based meaningful reading will stimulate learners’ intrinsic motivation in English learning. Before creating the blog, I had to read the instructions, then followed the procedure step by step. During the process I must understand the meaning of very sentence, even each word, no doubt, which improves my English reading ability a lot. To my surprise, at last the content of what I read almost could be remembered by me. From viewpoint of psychology, 90% of what we both say and do can be remembered.

  Edgar Dale, Audio-Visual Methods in Teaching (3rd Edition). Holt, Rinchart, and Winston(1969).

  Students learn best when using language in performance of meaningful tasks.

  Students should solve problems with language in the classroom, not just parrot words.

  Language is made up of ideas and phrases, and that words are not always the unit of analysis.

      ( Chisholm,  Osterweil,  Blanca)

Doing the real thing is an effective technique in English Teaching.

  2.  Blog-writing for real audience

   Nowadays blogging is becoming increasingly popular as a language learning tool, which has many advantages in writing. blogging can let me share my experience and my idea with my colleagues. When I write my blog, I am completely aware that my written work faces real audience, and I have to write and rewrite. A lot of reflection has been brought up to me by doing it. With weblogs, students can find themselves writing for a real audience, apart from the teacher, may include their peers. In this way a process-writing approach can be carried out, because students are writing for real purpose and can understand the value of rewriting more than if the only audience for their written work is the teacher.

  Bloggng for ELT (Think,  articles submitted by TE Editor on 6 March,2005)

Thanks for the innovative modern technology, internet,- platform for improving writing.

3. Conclusion

 Overview of the history of language coming into being and development, it is human being’ needs and aspirations that promote the change in language. So language teaching in reading and writing should combine with natural society with the help of modern technology-internet.As a learner- student, what I reflect now will influence my teaching. I’ll use this method in my teaching later.


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