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Week1 task    Comment

Student-centered educational idea realized via learning by doing

 After reading everyone’s reflection seriously, I have such kind of general impression. Discussions mainly focus on the post itself– that is some people talk about how to make posts attract students. As Hamid Mernaou says in his comment “ Susana mentioned the idea that blogging could be considered as an art; Hala nicely debated the idea of focusing on content or form. She clearly stated that she opts for content on the first rank rather than form.” And a few people convey their attitude of approving of  Susana or Hala. Here I would like to give some additional and suggestive idea, which is supplementary opinion.

 These days we have been busy with reading materials, creating blogs, writing reflections and comment, etc day and night. We all have the same feeling that we’ve learned a lot from theory to practice under the guidance of our instructor. From what we have done and what we have learned, I think the purpose of this innovative teaching technique is  embodying student-centered educational idea, which is realized through learning by doing. Traditional teaching style based on teacher-centered can’t have students learn so much.

 Now we are learners-students and we should believe that when we use the same way to instruct our students to learn English, they’ll have the same feeling as us. The process  in which students acquire knowledge, develop ability and apply knowledge is very important. Of course we should consider how to make blogging attractive as well.


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