Orientation Week Discussion

  What features do they have in common? How are they different?
After comparing Rubric1 and Rubric2, I draw the conclusion as following:
1)   Excellent equals 5 points (level one); 2) Satisfactory equals 3 points (level two); 3) Poor equals 1 point and 0 points (level three).

Each level has the same features (features in common), which are different from ones in the other level.
1)   Excellent (5 points) level: Characteristics of offering information are interesting, additional, thought-provoking; offering example are from one’s own experience, persuasive, specific and detailed to support the statement ; adding value is significant.

2)   Satisfactory (3 points) level: Characteristic of offering information is similar to above; the differences are offering example and value, example is related, neither specific nor persuasive; value is adding some value.

3)   Poor (1 point and 0 points) level: don’t add any new information; only give brief reply (agree and disagree); no any example; add little or no value.

2.   Some advantages and disadvantages of each rubric?
The advantages of rubric1 are that using generalized language and we can have a conception to evaluate other participants’ comment. The advantages of rubric2 are that giving detailed examples to show us what is good. The disadvantages of rubric1 are lacking the advantages of rubric 2 and the disadvantages of rubric 2 are lacking the advantages of rubric1.
3.   Which would you be more likely to use and why?
I would be more likely to use Rubric 1, because we’ll encounter varieties of situations in assessment. If our brain is clear about how to judge, then it is flexible for us to make a decision.



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