Week2. Project Task1: Describe your class

Week2.   Project Task1: Describe your class as it is now

  1. My students

My students are freshmen and sophomores, whose age ranges from 19 years old to 21 years old. I have two classes, one of which consists of 57 students and the other one is made up of 35 students. Telecommunication engineering is their major, and English is their compulsory subject in the first two years during 4-year-college education. Every week my students attend my English classes twice, on Monday morning and on Thursday morning, for two periods each time, lasting for one hour and forty  minutes.

It is very convenient for my students to have access to computers and internet. The university provides computers everywhere, in the libraries and in the computer labs. And many students have their own computers in the dormitory and can link internet easily. There are also web pubs outside the university and students like to go there. Therefore, they have basic   technology about how to use computer. However most of students haven’t created their own blogs either in Chinese or in English.

2. Class setting

English curriculum is divided into two different forms of course and teaching model.  First of all, I would like to state reading and writing course. Students have this class in the classroom, where a lecture platform for the teacher is in the front and desks and chairs for students occupy a lot of space. Textbook is the main teaching material for an English teacher to teach and students to read. As for writing, it is put secondary position and students don’t spend much time on it.

 The other form of course is listening and speaking. Students have this class in the audio-visual lab once two weeks, where everyone can have a computer to watch texts and movies on the screen, and communicate with English teacher via microphone.

3. Students’ needs

After creating my own blog, I find that blogging in English is so beneficial for us to improve reading and writing ability. So I make a survey among my students and the result is over 95% of them admire it. Some students say they can’t wait anymore and let us start doing it now, which promotes my thought in project plan. I know what I should do next step.

4.  my thought

Blogging in English and reading some materials via internet learning resources need teachers’  guidance.  It is necessary for teachers to instruct students how to use the innovative modern technology effectively. In order to cultivate students’ autonomous learning ability, assessment system ought to be updated to keep up with the modern technological usage.


2 Responses to “Week2. Project Task1: Describe your class”

  1. Nadina Says:


    I want to tell you that you have large classes (57 and 35 students) and I suppose it is quite difficult to work with them. We are luckier, the maximum number of students we have is 30 (but this is quite rare) and sometimes is difficult to get their attention, to keep their interest… but I am sure you found the best methods to do this.

    It’s a good thing that your students know hot to and frequently use the internet. My opinion is that it is our duty to enable them use the internet in a very fruitful and the right way. If you read my post about my class now, you will see that my students also use the internet, but for everything else, not education.

    I agree with you that the blog can be really helpful for them. I would like to create a blog as an auxiliary material for the textbook. And here, as you said, for us too, the textbook is the main material we use in class. Textbooks and boards. I consider it quite a good thing: as long as we can exploit them and take advantage of them, good things happen. For instance, I don’t like giving my students handouts during the classes: waste paper, which they use for a short period of time, then they leave if there or throw it to the dustbin. I this way, we don’t protect the environment, first of all. I like using the textbook and the board and everything is all right.

    All the best,

  2. Eve Says:

    Dear W!
    I agree with you that we need to help our students to be independant!
    I cannot think of a better way to do so than providing meaningful online activities in which they will have to sort them out without the teacher next to them.

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