Week2 Discussion: Web Searching Tools and Techniques

Week2   Discussion: Web Searching Tools and Techniques

This week I have tried some of the search engines or portals to see which ones work best for academic searches, except for Google. I hold the view that every website has its own features and advantages. I would like to recommend three websites for you to use, according to your different needs in English teaching and learning.

 1. http://www.NoodleTools.com ———-easier to find the resources teachers need

Its webpage design is very simple and clear, and the lists of contents are logically categorized. When you press the keyboard ‘enter’ into this website for the first time, Teacher Resources will apparently attract your eyes.

I want to look up the resource about “plagiarism”, for it is pity for me to miss web chat- topic is plagiarism, organized by American Center for Educational Exchange, U.S. Embassy Beijing. As you know, we are busy this week. It only needs me to click the mouse four times and I just find out the resource I need. What’s more, I spend very litter time since the list is simple and clear.

 2.http://wordpress.com ———Easier to create your blog

I have used this website for weeks and I feel it is very convenient for me to write blogs in English every time. If you plan to let your students write blogs in English, you’d better use this website.

It won’t take you much trouble to instruct your students in creating their blogs. Only need you give them this website, press keyboard ‘enter’, then they will see “Express yourself, start a blog. Sign up now”. Click it and next step input Username and password, it’ll be done. Easy, is it?

 3.http://www.nicenet.org ———Good venue for web-based classroom activities.

If you want to organize classroom activities, I suggest you using this website. The functions of it include creating classroom; conferencing; link sharing; personal messaging; document sharing, etc, which are very beneficial to teachers’ internet management in teaching. All of us are familiar to its advantages, aren’t we?

Nowadays there are so many internet learning tools for us and our students to use in teaching and learning English, and we should take advantage of it to its best effect.


One Response to “Week2 Discussion: Web Searching Tools and Techniques”

  1. dlhealey Says:

    Dear Wang,

    I like the way you’ve created links in your blog – it makes it much easier to “click and go,” which you will probably find very helpful in future when you come back and re-read this.

    Have you been able to get on Blogger at all to see what others are writing?


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