Week2 Comment Enhancing Autonomous Learning Ability

Week2 Comment  Enhancing autonomous learning  ability

Dear Nadina:

   I have read your post “Learning Objectives with the ABCD model” and I think it is very clear and in detail. It seems that as a foreign language teacher we have the same issue to help students understand English grammar, drill, vocabulary etc. It is pity that English teachers have no enough time to broaden students’ knowledge in the classroom. However, with the help of the innovative modern technology, we can expand time and space for students’ English learning.

Therefore, I think enhancing students’ autonomous learning ability is currently main objective for English teachers in teaching. Assessment system ought to be reformed and updated in order to keep up with technological development. I’ll take the measures to combine the advanced technology with English teaching. For instance, let students write blogs in English and read related materials via internet resources with the help of web searching tools. It is beneficial to students   for improving their English level. All of these need teachers’ guidance.


One Response to “Week2 Comment Enhancing Autonomous Learning Ability”

  1. Nadina Says:

    Dear Mohamed,

    thank you for the wonderful words you expressed about my posts on my blog. I simply try to share as much as I know. I like getting information from the others, I like giving information I know.

    One of the main problem teachers have nowadays is the TTT – teacher’s talking time. All of us think that the more we tell our students, the better they learn. That’s not entirely true. There are very few students who dedicate their time to studying. Most of them study only when they are at school. I tech them by making them discover the rule by themselves.

    And here (if you don;t mind) I want to give an example. In my post, I write about teaching them the difference between the modal verbs: should and must. If I come in front of my students and I tell them (maybe asking them to write down the definition) that must is used for … and should is used for…, I am 100% sure that only 1 or 2 students will know this difference the next day, and none of them will know them in a week’s time. But, if I make them discover the rule by themselves and understand what this difference means and more important, if they practice the grammar item in sentences of their own, I am sure they will be able to use it correctly in the future.

    All I do in my classes is to let students speak freely, not to be afraid of mistakes. I try to apply the student centered learning, not the teacher centered one.

    I have many many things to say, but I stop here (I don’t want you to become bored).

    I wish you all the best,

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