Week3 Discussion Aural/oral sites-specific uses

Week3 Discussion Listening to Authentic Materials-Enhancing Comprehensible Input

 1. Listening to authentic materials

 I have used the website http://www.cctv.com (China Central Television) for a few years, which is the only one international channel in China, broadcasting news in English lasting for 24 hours each day. The programs include financial news, culture news, sports news and comprehensive news, etc. at home and abroad. Many mother-tongue English speakers are employed to host the programs. Since the background of news is familiar to us, they can be understood easily. When encountering new words students can guess the meaning against the context. What’s more, the programs tell us the real world and matters happened around us, which can appeal to audience’s interest.

2. Comprehensible input for university students’ level

According to Krahen’s ‘ hypotheses’ theory, “Humans acquire language in only one way-by understanding messages or by receiving ‘ comprehensible input’”.(Krashen,1985a,p.2). To be useful to the learner, the input must be neither too difficult to understand nor too easy. So I think it is fit for university students’ level. University students have learned English for several years, and they have laid a good foundation in English basic knowledge, furthermore they are eager for gaining social culture knowledge. L2 learners acquire a new language by hearing it in contexts where the meaning of sentences is made plain to them

3. My recommendation

 If you want to well know about China’s culture, education, economy and society nowadays, please log on to this website. You can not only gain the improvement in English language but also widen your experience and broaden your horizon.

Yours, Wang Shujuan


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