Week3 Comment Aural/oral skills-Building–Readings

Week3 Discussion     Comment

Dear Mary Grace;

It’s true that with the rapid development of new technologies the nature of literacy is undergoing a rapid metamorphosis. I would like to increase that the Language environment of listening and speaking is undergoing a rapid metamorphosis, too. As Labayen says, “The internet is suitable place to practice Languages as it offers the possibility, with the right software, of using images and audio resources at the same time, combining sounds and images as in communicative situations in the real world. It also provides users with a highly appealing and innovative format”. (Labayen et.al. 2005,  p.9). It’s wonderful for us and our students to learn English.

 However, at last you mentioned “You don’t need to go anywhere to master the English Language. You can easily master the language at the comfort of your home”. My understanding about your sentences is that you want to emphasize the importance of English learning outside the school.

 How to take advantages of it in the class and how to instruct students to get benefit of it are the main issues that we as teachers have to face and deal with.

 As we all know we couldn’t have mastered so many resources in English learning without the instruction of our instructor-Deborah. For instance, now I know how to store and save my favorite using Delicious. I mean students need teachers’ guidance during their English learning. The important role of English teachers is to guide students to effectively use the technology. As for how to incorporate the technology into our teaching, I have no much experience either. Now I am thinking about this matter, and that’s the reason why I am here to point out this point to you. I hope we can discuss it together further in the future.

With regards,



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