Week3 Discussion Aural/oral sites-specific uses (2)

Week3 Discussion   Aural/oral sites-specific uses (2)

Good Site for Language and Culture Learning

This is the other my favorite website http://www.bbc.co.uk.

Today I log on to this website from my Bookmarks on Delicious and enjoy the programs the whole day. Understanding the world, other countries’ culture, history and economy is my desire. BBC provides video and audio effect, which is popular with me.

 The title “New Video Shows Queen as a child” attracted my eyes. Click this and then I saw a lovely girl just like a movie actress. It is unimaginable she is the queen, Elizebeth when she grew up.

 The students in universities can best use this site and it can enhance students’ listening skills and widen culture knowledge. In my course objectivities, enhancing students’ culture attainment is included in it. We ask students not only to learn Language but also to understand culture. The usage of this innovative modern technology realizes their incorporation.

 I would like to recommend this site to college students. As a matter of fact some of my students have already used this site for a while, and they say they feel it helpful for them to improve their English skills, especially in listening. We can let students tell the news and stores in English. In this way, students’ oral skill can be enhanced as well.


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