Week3 Discussion Aural/oral skills-building——–readings

Week3 Discussion   Aural/oral skills-building——–readings

Language as a means to communicate

   If we accept the theme “in current Language pedagogy, language is regarded as a means to communicate, not as an object of study”, then the current best practice in Language teaching, using tasks that require an integration of language skills, should be taken into consideration by English teachers. Therefore instructors ought to pursue the goal of addressing all skills at the same time. In order to achieve communication goals, activities and tasks can be carried out using Language by learners. Applying the innovative modern technology can be helpful for Language teaching.

 In the following statement, I’ll explain how technology could be helpful in improving my students’ aural/oral skills inside and outside the class.

First of all, I choose National Public Radio (http://npr.org) and British Broadcasting Cooperation (http://www.bbc.co.uk) as my teaching materials (condition), for they are authentic materials. Then I’ll assign some pre-listening tasks, asking students to be familiar to programs in BBC and NPR and thinking of the question “What’s in the news?”

   In the class, first let students listen to the news and stories or watch videos in BBC or NPR, then the students are required to collect the information they need via internet (while-listening task) (Behavior). Next conversation and communication are carried out among the students, either in groups or in pairs. (Behavior)

At the end of the lesson, homework (post-listening task) is assigned and students (Audience) are required to write 1) how much did they understand what they listened in the class; 2) reflections on what they listened. (Degree)

 Comment:  In order that such kind of teaching technique is carried out, it must be with the help of the innovative modern technology. (Condition)


1. Developing Listening Skills with Authentic Materials   by Lindsay Miller

2. Best Practices in Technology and Language Teaching   by Dennie Hoopingarner

3. Current Practice in Pedagogical Activities

4. Conversation Lesson Plans for English Learners at All Levels

5. Deborah Healey’s Attic: Pronunciation; Interesting Websites for Pronunciation Practice

6. The Best Sites to Practice Speaking English           by Larry Ferlazzo

7. The Pedagogy-technology interface in Computer Assisted Pronunciation Training

    By A. Neri, C.Cucchiarini, H. Strik, L.Boves


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