Week3 Comment Integration of theory and Practice

Week3 Comment    Integration of theory and Practice

Hello Hala,

  I have read your blog and I agree with your opinion. Sometimes it is hard to combine the theory in the pedagogy with the practice on technology.

 This week I read some ideas about the pedagogy-technology interface that are new to me. However, I intend to try them in my teaching and make a plan in my discussions, which is not perfect yet, I believe, and needs to improve in teaching practice.

 But why do I want to try them? I would like to share my ideas with you, so that we can discuss it together.

As a matter of fact, nowadays young generation-students are advanced in accepting new technology and the innovative teaching technique. If we can do some reformation in teaching, even a litter, they’ll show their enthusiasm, which can stimulate their learning motivation. Even they will follow your way and guidance to do further and better than you think after class. That’s the advantages technology bringing us and teachers can leave the task to students after class. So you don’t worry not to perfect your technique in practice. Only do you need to show students how to use technology in helping their learning. In my opinion that is the dilemma English teachers face.

 This week the title of my reflections is Integration of Theory and Practice, so when I read your blog writing “After reading ‘the pedagogy-technology interface in Computer Assisted Pronunciation Training’, I reached a conclusion that all seems promising when it comes to treading the theory part. However, when it comes to the practice phase, this is where all what I’ve learned will ‘hit the floor’, as we say in Arabic”. I’d like to write to you. I hope we can communicate each other.




2 Responses to “Week3 Comment Integration of theory and Practice”

  1. Nadina Says:

    Hello Shujuan,

    I totally agree with what you stated in this post. Our students are up to date concerning technology and all that’s related to it. Unfortunately, not all of them are able to use it in the right way. I think it’s our duty to teach them how to use it in a useful way (as they are experts in using it for socializing and entertainment). I also think we have to keep up to date our knowledge in this field (brand new for most teachers). Otherwise, we become boring, we are not able to get our students’ attention… we become “dusty” and that’s not at all good!


  2. Hala Says:

    Hi Shujuan,

    Thank you for your comment.

    My students are very comfortable with using technology. You have written that our students are advanced “in accepting new technology and the innovative teaching technique”. I agree with you, but, compared with those if developed world, I cannot call them advanced. The only reason for this is that the majority cannot afford, for example, to own an iPOd or iPhone. They ALL have mobile phones, but the majority has those ones which do not have all the up-to-date applications. However, as you have written “you need to show students how to use technology in helping their learning”, when I showed them a new “way” of learning as they say, they were excited, motivated and eager to learn more and use the English language. It’s this moment when you see their “twinkling” eyes and hear the “YES! I did it!”, when you feel that your teaching is paying off.

    I hope we will be communicating after the course. Do you have a twitter account? Mine is : halafawzi.
    My Skype ID is: halafawzi12345.
    Please add me to your contact list.

    Thank you again,

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